Brad Shirakawa
There's nothing better than shooting pictures.  I started in a high school darkroom, worked as newspaper photojournalist and later as a studio assistant.   Now I want to work for you. I work simply, to capture the moments that you enjoy.  I live in the San Jose, CA area and have worked throughout Northern California.  Contact me at
- Brad Shirakawa 
PS: If you're interested in my video work, go to my Youtube channel at Shiragraphy101.

For a broad overview of all my skills, go to my multimedia site at There are tabs for video, graphic design, writing and still photography.

I'm currently shooting video events of all kinds (weddings, anniversaries, parties and gatherings), sports skills videos, restaurants, live music and concerts.  Contact me for rates.  I currently shoot Hi Def with Canon XA10 video cams and Canon 7d still D-SLRs for video and I edit in Adobe Premiere CS6.  To see my general video work, go to my YouTube channel at Shiragraphy101.  For live music video, go to Surfkaanapali2day. / Brad Shirakawa
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