Brad Shirakawa
There's nothing better than shooting pictures.  I started in a high school darkroom, worked as newspaper photojournalist and later as a studio assistant.   Now I want to work for you. I work simply, to capture the moments that you enjoy.  I live in the San Jose, CA area and have worked throughout Northern California.  Contact me at
- Brad Shirakawa 
PS: If you're interested in my video work, go to my Youtube channel at Shiragraphy101.

I’m a working photojournalist, covering events, making portraits, authoring books and shooting weddings.  Back in my newspaper days I produced pictures five days a week, documenting the daily lives of the community and I can do the same for you. Photojournalism isn’t a style for me, it’s the way I work.  I'd rather do this than anything else.

I generally don’t ‘set up’ situations, I’ve been trained to wait for them to happen.   Seven years at a newspaper will do that to you.  I’m open to different ideas and new ways of making pictures.  If you are looking for someone to document your life in any fashion, contact me at / Brad Shirakawa
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